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We offer the widest range of services to our clients under a single umbrella and each of our products is designed to provide wing-to-wing, totally customized to our clients’ requirement. Our manpower rotation plan protects the interest of the client against all imminent risks.

Value Add On:

SFM believes in ‘Client-Centric’ solutions and offe rs certain value add’s beyond the scope of agreed services without any additional cost implication. Some of the value adds like conducting Safety & Security Audit, Environmental Audit, Structural Audit etc are designed keeping the wellbeing of the client in mind.

We have a team of well-trained professionals in our rolls in the field of Housekeeping / Security / Electromechanical Services (Preventive Maintenance Services)/ Office support services, who would look after and maintain your property with trained workforce. The work shall be carried out with proper schedules. This would enhance and add value to your property.

Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Services

  1. Degreasing, de-carbonizing, scrubbing and cleaning of industrial spaces.
  1. Jet wash/ high pressure cleaning of building exteriors, drive ways, pathways, car parks, curtain walls and concrete floors.
  1. Janitorial Services
  1. Carpet shampooing, Upholstery cleaning and Residential space cleaning.
  • Garbage, industrial waste disposal and recycling
  • Cleaning services for highly hazardous environments.
  • Cleaning highly sensitive areas to maintain a zero-micro-organism level in the environment such as laboratories for any industry.
  • Decontaminating of bacterial and other microorganism in infected areas.
  1. Implementing cleaning methods and programs to reduce particular count.

Operations & Maintenance Services

  1. Electrical & HVAC maintenance, Plumbing, Carpentry and Water purification.
  1. Telecommunications
  1. Structural maintenance
  1. Production equipment maintenance
  • Technical training to support ongoing programs.
  • Increase economic reliability and resource capacity.
  • Improve operating efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Increase equipment reliability and reduce service disruption

Pest Control

  1. SFM has an aggressive approach to getting rid of pests.
  1. Each industry presents a specific need to pest control, SFM works with you to tailor make a pest control program that will give you the maximum benefit.
  1. Using a systematic approach involving survey, study, examination, suggestion and execution to deal with your pest problems.
  1. Pest protection program available for variety of pests, including ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, fleas etc.
  • Well-trained professional staff able to handle hazardous pesticides without effecting the environment.

Management Support Services

  1. Hiring the right people and training them with the right skills required to carry out your jobs such as reception service, mailroom, telephone, pantry, security etc.
  1. Intensive and extensive training program are formulated and designed specifically to improve productivity, increase morale and reduce employee turnover.
  1. Implementing systems and processes managed by suitable people to provide the optimum service facility for your organization.

Gardening and Landscaping

  1. Enhancing the look of your facility/office premises.
  1. Sourcing the right sort of plants that will keep your environment clean, healthy and beautiful.
  1. Cross training personnel to handle the up-keep of indoor and potted plants along with providing housekeeping services.
  1. Professional landscape design services, which include conceptualizing, master planning, and site and feasibility analysis, resource management.
  • Services including soil, terrain, and water testing.
  • Shrub trimming, lawn mowing, flowerbed care, controlling pesticide spraying and fertiliser usage.