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  1. Quality Assurance Plan
  1. Standard Operating Procedures – Development & Implementation

Each equipment operation & maintenance procedure will be documented. The procedures will be continuously reviewed for better practices.

  • Quality Assurance Program:

Internal QA checks with defined parameters for service Quality Standards will be carried out at regular intervals by senior representative from the SFM. The percentage based QA analysis will enable SFM to ascertain the gaps and improve systems on a continuous basis.

  • Client satisfaction Survey:

Assessment of client satisfaction on a monthly basis to provide satisfaction levels and bridge gap between expectations & actual performance.

Safety & Security

Fire & safety will be given high importance and all safety regulations will be strictly observed.

  1. Defining & implementing Safety standards
  • Suggesting latest equipment for safety
  • Conducting Evacuation Program
  • Preplanned Testing of Fire Fighting Equipment & Fire extinguishers. Special fire Audit also may be initiated depending on the requirements.
  • Cost Reduction

Cost reduction & Quality Improvements through:

  1. Implementation of Internal TPM Program – Total Prod uctivity Management –History Cards for each equipment mentioning inspection, Maintenance dates, spares used will be mapped so that PM schedules can be strictly adhered to minimize down time and expenses on spares.
  • Cost Control – Suggestions for improvements / reduction will be provided continuously through continuous monitoring of present costs.
  • Energy costs:

Recording and close monitoring of the energy costs – Suggestions for the use of renewable energy, methods & equipment will be given after the analyzing the present energy requirements and energy audits.

  • Manpower costs:

The requirements of manpower will be assessed on a continuous basis. Maximum emphasis will be given to multitasking and Procedure reevaluation that will enable rationalization of manpower.

  • Material costs:

Through stringent control of inventories and vendor management, SFM will work towards Zero Inventory system will save inventory costs.