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Power Generation and Electrical Distribution System

Maintenance of transformers:

  1. Checking of oil level, temperature and topping up.
  • Operation of manually operated tap changers if required.

HT & LT Panels, Distribution Boards:

  1. Checking of connections, vacuum cleaning of panels, Visual inspection, Insulation testing, cleaning of contacts.

Distribution Boards:

  1. Routine checking and tightening of all panel internals, cable connections, checking & replacement of switches, sockets contactors, relays, cleaning of contacts for proper & trouble free function.
  1. Switching ON/OFF of power panels, lighting panels, capacitor banks, emergency systems as required.

Diesel Generator Sets

  1. Operating the DG Set as per requirement and logging all parameters
  • Routine checking in all respects, operation in case of power failures and recording relevant data.
  • In co-ordination with OEM’s engineer cleaning and changing of Air filters, oil filters, Exhaust system.
  • Checking & cleaning, governor checking & checking of battery condition & topping up of electrolyte, cleaning of radiator & topping of coolant will be carried out.
  • Major O/H of DG sets & major break downs are not covered under this scope of work. AMC for the same will be arranged with OEM Contractor.

Lighting panels & fixtures:

  1. Trouble shooting & Replacement faulty tubes/bulbs, fans, switches, sockets MCBs, Fuses etc. and other electrical accessories wherever possible.
  • Checking of UPS panels, battery condition, checking of Electrolyte Levels and topping up, initiating necessary actions in case of problem with the AM contractor.