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Taking over from the OEM’s all systems, plant & machinery which would


  1. As built drawings.
  • Instruction manuals.
  • Terms of reference of warranty.
  • Physical verification of complete inventory of plant & machinery.
  • Operation of all plant & machinery under simulated extreme parameters.
  • Taking over of all machinery under simulated extreme parameters of operations.

Running and operation of Plant and Machinery (Utilities)

  1. Data Recording & monitoring as per designed parameters.
  1. Staggering operation of machinery, ensuring even wear and tear, and operational readiness of all standby equipments.
  • Switching on switching off equipment as per operation demand

Routine Maintenance, ensuring equipment operates at optimum efficiency

  1. Cleaning of filters, periodic backwash, greasing of water pump etc.
  • Cleaning of contactors in the ACB’s, Tightening bolts etc.
  • Distilled water, salt, chlorine, replenishment etc.
  • Strict adherence to OEM’s routine maintenance schedules.

Preventive maintenance for breakdown free operations.

  1. Changing filters, changing sand, periodically addition of NAOH in the softener etc.
  • Tightening of connections in electrical circuit in the panel board, Cleaning of electrical circuit with the help of blower, applying insulation tape on burnt cable, load balancing, checking MPR setting etc
  • Checking vibration and alignment of fan blower with motor, condenser coil cleaning etc.
  • Strict adherence to OEM’s Preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Maintaining history cards of individual equipment.

Upkeep of firefighting & safety equipment:

  1. Trying out fire pumps weekly.
  • Periodic airing of canvas hoses and inverse folding.

Maintaining inventory of stocks and spares

  1. Following OEM recommendations
  • Efficient record and management of minimum inventory requirements
  • Timely order and maintain inventory level

Periodic energy audits to monitor and control operating costs

  1. Regular recording of electrical consumption parameters
  • Regular recording of water consumption parameters

AMC Coordination for critical equipments

  1. Arranging quotations for procurement of material and comparative statement preparation for AMCs
  1. Price negotiation (if required by the client)
  1. Follow up for timely services
  1. Follow up for spares and other requirements
  • Follow up with AMC vendor in case of any major break down.
  • Monitoring and ensuring strict adherence to the service requirement as per the scope and OEM recommendations.

Operations & Maintenance Services:

Providing Operations & Technical Support

  1. Manning the Engineering services, continuous monitoring of calls and complaints, work allocation to shift technicians and follow up on work progress.
  • Generation of reports for Maintenance, maintaining & analyzing equipment operation logs for equipment.
  • Implementing Preventive maintenance as per schedules & Manuals.
  • Co-ordination & Monitoring of AMC.