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Mechanical Services

Hot Water Boilers:

  1. Operations of boilers, checking of fuel system, replenishing fuel stocks, recording s & maintenance records.


  1. Checking availability of water and informing concerned authorities for further action.


  1. Carrying out scheduled service cycles as per OEM Operations manual and maintaining quality within specified range.
  • Replenishing chemicals and carrying out backwash /regeneration of filters/softeners as required.
  • Minor repairs to the systems like changing valves, replacement of damaged washers etc.
  • O/H of filters/softeners/dosing pumps is excluded from the scope of work.

Water Pumps:

  1. Operations and minor service of pumps like greasing, checking alignment, tightening & replacement of gland packing, cleaning strainers, etc.
  • All Drainage System – Checking and clearing drains  choke ups.
  • Replacement of washers, taps & other fittings.
  • Minor repairs to all Plumbing accessories.


  1. Repairing creaky doors, repairs of the floor springs, door closures, minor wood work and polishing/painting jobs & lamination, fixing of paintings.
  • Motor rewinding & break downs will be coordinated by SFM but excluded from the scope of work.