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Fire pumps and accessories:

  1. Operations of fire pumps in case of emergency, testing of the same at regulars intervals for proper functioning.
  • Minor repairs to the system.
  • Checking of Hose reel system, maintaining required pressure in wet rise system, maintaining diesel stock at Diesel Pump, maintaining records of tests.

Portable Fire Extinguishers:

  1. Checking & ensuring all fire extinguishers are in working condition and initiate necessary actions for refilling etc & recording related data.
  • Regular cleaning of smoke detectors to avoid false alarms; check & clean mimic panels & related systems for proper operations.
  • Coordination with AM contractor in case of major Break downs/problems.

Other Equipment

  1. Break down Maintenance / major repairs of other equipment like Boilers, Elevators, Weighing scales, Security equipment, Card Readers, PA system, Kitchen & Gas equipment, Office Equipment like Fax machines, Xerox Machines, Projectors, Communication & Paging systems will be coordinated through AMC contractors.